Introducing Barbiel Matthews-Saunders

Barbiel Matthews-Saunders is not only the daughter of author Jack Matthews,¬† she is also the illustrator for many of Jack Matthews ebooks by Personville Press … not to mention several print books. This multi-talented person is also a musician in Silent Lion, a Renaissance-inspired folk group — where she writes songs and plays the mandolin. She and her husband live in central Ohio and perform regularly at folk and Renaissance festivals around the country.

Barbiel and husband John Saunders

Since her father’s death, Barbiel has been actively involved in managing his literary estate. Personville Press publisher¬† Robert Nagle has been working closely with her to ensure that his literary titles are published in accordance with her father’s wishes. From time to time, she may post announcements on this blog. Stay tuned. [Note by Robert Nagle]


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