Antaeus magazine’s “Neglected Books of the 20th Century”

Jack Matthews was proud to learn that his early novella Hanger Stout, Awake was listed by Antaeus magazine as one of the “Neglected Books of the 20th century.” Personally, I think some of his later novels are more remarkable — especially the satirical novel, Sassafras and one of his last works,  Gambler’s Nephew

About a year ago I came across a great site which lists previously published lists of book recommendations, and there I found the Antaeus list.  It also contains two other lists I know and love from David Madden’s  Rediscoveries 1 and Rediscoveries 2,  . In Rediscoveries 1, Jack Matthews himself wrote a 2 page recommendation for  South Wind by Norman Douglas which is downloadable for free from Project Gutenberg. Ok, the list is below. 

Act of Darkness, John Peale Bishop — selected by Allen Tate
Alamein to Zem Zem, Keith Douglas — selected by Paul Fussell
Alfred and Guinevere, James Schuyler — selected by William Weaver
Ali and Nino, Kurban Said — selected by Barbara Howes
Animal House, Jean Garrigue — selected by Barbara Howes
The Art of Making Sausages, Pates and Other Charcuterie, Jane Grigson — selected by Julia Child
Astragal, Albertine Sarrazin — selected by John Fowles
Aurelien, Louis Aragon — selected by Piers Paul Read
An Autobiography, Edwin Muir — selected by Richard Wilbur
The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian, Nirad Chaudhuri — selected by Paul Theroux
Auto-da-fe, Elias Canetti — selected by D.J. Enright
A Bad Man, Stanley Elkin — selected by Stanley Elkin
Basic Verities, Charles Peguy — selected by Eugene McCarthy
Beasts and Men, Pierre Gascar — selected by Georges Borchardt
Beer at the Snooker Club, Waguih Ghali — selected by Barbara Howes
The Blue Flowers, Raymond Queneau — selected by New Directions Classics
The Boarding House, William Trevor — selected by Stanley Elkin
The Book of Marriage, Hermann von Keyserling — selected by Gail Godwin
The Camel, Gerald H. Berners — selected by Edward Gorey
Cards of Identity, Nigel Dennis — selected by Richard Wilbur
The Centurians, Jean Larteguy — selected by Eugene McCarthy
The Characters of Love, John Bayley — selected by Robert Boyers
The Chinese Nail Murders, Robert van Gulik — selected by Jon Anderson
Collected Poems, Edwin Arlington Robinson — selected by Robert Pack
The Collected Poems, H. Phelps Putnam — selected by James Wright
Collected Poems, Ruth Pitter — selected by George P. Elliott
The Collected Works of Jane Bowles, Jame Bowles — selected by Ned Rorem
Confessions, Aleister Crowley — selected by Alexander Theroux
Confessions of Zeno, Italo Svevo — selected by D.J. Enright
Creative Evolution, Henri Bergson — selected by Marvin Cohen
Crossroads, James McConkey — selected by Alison Lurie
The Culture of Cities, Lewis Mumford — selected by Eugene McCarthy
A Curtain of Green, Eudora Welty — selected by Nadine Gordimer
The Dada Painters and Poets, Robert Motherwell, ed. — selected by Virgil Thomson
The Dead of the House, Hannah Green — selected by Willard Trask
Death of a Hero, Richard Aldington — selected by Frank MacShane
Degrees, Michael Butor — selected by Georges Borchardt
The Destiny of Isabelle Eberhardt, Cecily Mackworth — selected by Daniel Halpern
The Devil Rides Outside, John H. Griffin — selected by R.G. Vliet
The Diary of Helena Morley, Helena Morley — selected by Barbara Howes
Dick Gibson Show, Stanley Elkin — selected by Georges Borchardt
Digging Out, Ann Richardson — selected by Alison Lurie
Dom Casmurro, Machado de Assis — selected by Piers Paul Read
The Dying Self, Charles Fair — selected by Robert Bly
Eimi, E.E. Cummings — selected by Dwight MacDonald
The Empty Fortress: Infantile Autism and the Birth of the Self, Bruno Bettelheim — selected by Francois Truffaut
Essays and Introductions, William Butler Yeats — selected by Eugene McCarthy
European Thought in the Eighteenth Century, Paul Hazard — selected by Carlos Fuentes
The Exaggerations of Peter Prince, Steve Katz — selected by Ronald Sukenick
The Exquisite Corpse, Alfred Chester — selected by Ned Rorem
Fade Out, Douglas Woolf — selected by Ronald Sukenick
Fantasia of the Unconscious, D.H. Lawrence — selected by Robert Bly
Fellow Teachers, Philip Rieff — selected by Robert Boyers
The Feminine in Fairytales, Marie Louise Franz — selected by Robert Bly
Fergus, Brian Moore — selected by Alison Lurie
The Forgotten Soldier, Guy Sajer — selected by Paul Fussell
The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, Franz Werfel — selected by D.J. Enright
The Gallery, John Horne Burns — selected by Edmund Kelley
The Gentle Grafter, O. Henry — selected by Dwight MacDonald
The Greater Infortune, Rayner Heppenstall — selected by Edward Gorey
A Green Tree in Gedde, Alan Sharp — selected by Daniel Halpern
Hanger Stout, Awake, Jack Matthews — selected by William Stafford
His Monkey Wife, John Collier — selected by Paul Theroux
The Homeric Gods, Walter F. Otto — selected by Sanford Friedman
The Horseman on the Roof, Jean Giono — selected by George P. Elliott
A House for Mr. Biswas, V.S. Naipaul — selected by Paul Theroux
The Huge Season, Wright Morris — selected by John Martin
Humanities, Desmond MacCarthy — selected by Leon Edel
The Idea of a Theatre, Francis Fergusson — selected by Allen Tate
The Impossible Adventure, Alain Gheerbrant — selected by Frank MacShane
The Inheritors, Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford — selected by William Burroughs
Initial A, David Schubert — selected by Theodore Weiss
The Jargon of Authenticity, Theodor Adorno — selected by Marvin Cohen
The Job, William Burroughs — selected by Allen Ginsburg
The Joint, James Blake — selected by George Plimpton
Journal of a Disappointed Man, W.N.P. Barbellion — selected by James Dickey
Krazy Kat, George Herriman — selected by Clarence Brown
Kristin Lavransdatter, Sigrid Undset — selected by Alexander Theroux
Langrishe, Go Down, Aidan Higgins — selected by Joseph McElroy
Language as Gesture, R.P. Blackmur — selected by Edmund Kelley
The Language Poets Use, Winifred Nowotiny — selected by Fred Levinson
The Last of the Curlews, Fred Bodsworth — selected by Donald Finkel
The Life and Work of Semmelweis, Louis-Ferdinand Celine — selected by Annie Gottlieb
The Life of Captain Cook, J.C. Beaglehole — selected by Geoffrey Moorhouse
The Loom of History, Herbert Muller — selected by Peter Glenville
The Lost Girl, D.H. Lawrence — selected by Joyce Carol Oates
The Lost Steps, Alejo Carpentier — selected by Donald Finkel
The Loved and the Envied, Enid Bagnold — selected by Howard Moss
Man and Boy, Wright Morris — selected by Richard Wilbur
Man and Crisis, Jose Ortega y Gasset — selected by Robert Bly
The Man Who Killed the Deer, Frank Waters — selected by Ronald Sukenick
The Man Who Killed the Deer, Frank Waters — selected by William Stafford
The Man Who Loved Children, Christina Stead — selected by Robert Boyers
A Man’s Place, Ramon Sender — selected by George P. Elliott
The Margin, Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues — selected by Nadine Gordimer
Maurice Guest, Henry Handel Richardson — selected by George P. Elliott
Memoirs of Hadrian, Marguerite Yourcenar — selected by Jon Anderson
The Mind and Face of Bolshevism, Rene Fulop-Miller — selected by Peter Glenville
Mobile: Study for a Representation of the United States, Michel Butor — selected by Joseph McElroy
Money for Love, Josephine Herbst — selected by Elizabeth Hardwick
Monsieur Ripois and Nemesis, Louis Hermon — selected by Francois Truffaut
Moving On, Larry McMurty — selected by Cynthia Buchanan
Mrs. Egg and Other Americans, Thomas Beer — selected by Glenway Wescott
Music in a New Found Land: Themes and Developments in the History of American Music, Wilfred H. Mellers — selected by Aaron Copland and Virgil Thomson
My Friend from Limousin, Jean Giradoux — selected by Philip Lyman
The Naked Year, Boris Pilnyak — selected by Sanford Friedman
Negative Dialectics, Theodor Adorno — selected by Marvin Cohen
Negro Anthology, Nancy Cunard — selected by Virgil Thomson
Nicholas Crabbe, Frederick Rolfe — selected by Alexander Theroux
No Name in the Streets, Kay Cicellis — selected by Edmund Kelley
No Resting Place, Eugene Mirabelli — selected by George Starbuck
The Notebooks of Captain Georges, Jean Renoir — selected by Francois Truffaut
The Notebooks of Henry James, Henry James, ed. F.O. Matthiessen and Kenneth B. Murdock — selected by Francois Truffaut
The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, Rainer Maria Rilke — selected by Nancy Ryan
Nothing is Sacred, Josephine Herbst — selected by Elizabeth Hardwick
Nothing More to Declare, John Clellon Holmes — selected by William Harrison
Novels, Henry Green — selected by Daniel Halpern
Nowhere But Light, Ben Belitt — selected by Robert Boyers
The Old House, Feodor Solgub — selected by Sanford Friedman
An Old Icelandic Medical Miscellany, Larsen Henning — selected by Brian Swann
On Shame and the Search for Identity, Helen Lynd — selected by Cynthia Buchanan
Orkney Norm, Hugh Marwick — selected by Brian Swann
The Other America: Poverty in the United States, Michael Harrington — selected by Eugene McCarthy
Parties, Carl Van Vechten — selected by Truman Capote
Pedro Paramo, Juan Rulfo — selected by Carlos Fuentes
The Peregrine, J.A. Baker — selected by Howard Moss
A Philosophy of Solitude, John Cowper Powys — selected by James Purdy
The Pilgrim on the Earth, Julian Green — selected by William Burroughs
The Plant, The Well, The Angel, Vassilis Vassilikos — selected by Edmund Kelley
Poesias Completas y el minutero, Ramon Lopez Velarde — selected by Donald Justice
Poetry, John Peale Bishop — selected by Edmund Kelley
Pornografia, Witold Gombrowicz — selected by Piers Paul Read
The Process, Brion Gysin — selected by William Burroughs
The Professor’s House, Willa Cather — selected by Daniel Hoffman
A Progress of Stories, Laura Riding — selected by Kenneth Rexroth
Return to Laughter, Eleanor Smith Bowen — selected by Donald Finkel
Rome Beyond the Imperial Frontiers, Sir Mortimer Wheeler — selected by Emma Swan
Rosa at Ten O’Clock, Marco Denevi — selected by Barbara Howes
Ryder, Djuna Barnes — selected by Kenneth Rexroth
Saving the Appearances, Owen Barfield — selected by Richard Wilbur
Science and the Modern World, Alfred North Whitehead — selected by Robert D. Seeley
Sea of Glass, Dennis Parry — selected by Edward Gorey
The Secret Sayings of Jesus, Jesus Christ — selected by Robert Bly
Sens-Plastique, Malcolm de Chazal — selected by Richard Wilbur
Seven Days at the Silversteins, Etienne Leroux — selected by Paul Theroux
The Slide Area, Gavin Lambert — selected by Ned Rorem
Slowly, by Thy Hand Unfurled, Romulus Linney — selected by Reynolds Price
Smara: Forbidden City, Michel Vieuchange — selected by Daniel Halpern
A Smuggler’s Bible, Joseph McElroy — selected by Georges Borchardt
Some People, Harold Nicolson — selected by Alexander Theroux
The Soul of the White Ant, Eugene Marais — selected by Joseph McElroy
The Story of a Novel, Thomas Wolfe — selected by Cynthia Buchanan
Susan Lenox, Her Fall and Rise, David Graham Phillips — selected by David Madden
Suzanne and the Pacific, Jean Giradoux — selected by Georges Borchardt
Tay John, Howard O’Hagan — selected by Joyce Carol Oates
Terence Duke, Edward Meyerstein — selected by Edward Gorey
Theatre Practice, Stark Young — selected by Sanford Friedman
Themis, Jane Harrison — selected by Sanford Friedman
They Came Like Swallows, William Maxwell — selected by Robert Fitzgerald
The Thief’s Journal, Jean Genet — selected by Francois Truffaut
The Things That are Not Caesar’s, Jacques Maritain — selected by Peter Glenville
Three Wogs, Alexander Theroux — selected by Alexander Theroux
Tibet and Nepal, Arnold H. Landor — selected by Frank MacShane
Time Will Darken It, William Maxwell — selected by Howard Moss
Tobit Transplanted, Stella Benson — selected by D.J. Enright
Torchbearer, Harry Crosby — selected by Brian Swann
Towards Democracy, Edward Carpenter — selected by Allen Ginsburg
The Trapper’s Last Stand, John Yount — selected by George P. Elliott
Turbott Wolfe, William Plomer — selected by Nadine Gordimer
The Underground City, H.L. Humes — selected by Ted Morgan
V.R. Lang, a Memoir, Alison Lurie — selected by Ned Rorem
The Velvet Horn, Andrew Lytle — selected by John Hawkes
The Village in the Jungle, Leonard Woolf — selected by Paul Theroux
Voss, Patrick White — selected by Emma Swan
The Warm Country, Donald Windham — selected by Truman Capote
The Ways of the Will, Leslie H. Farber — selected by Robert Boyers
Who He?, Alfred Bester — selected by Samuel Delany
Wisdom, Madness and Folly: The Philosophy of a Lunatic, John Custance — selected by Joseph McElroy
Within That House, Fanny Sedgwick Colby — selected by Emma Swan

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