Cover Preview: Second Death of E.A. Poe (Stories)

Here’s the cover for the upcoming story collection by Jack Matthews:

I expect publication date to be in July 2021 sometime, but the pre-order page should be up by mid-February. I’ve picked the stories and love every one. About half the stories have never before published, while the other half have been published in literary magazines over the decades. I haven’t written up a formal book description yet, but I can sketch what this collection will be like:

The longest title story is about a doctor investigating whether Edgar Allen Poe faked his death and fled to another city. Another story is about a US soldier stationed in Italy during the latter part of World War 2. Although some stories are rooted in the past, most are fairly contemporary. For example, one story is about the heroism of a college football team’s worst player. Another is about a police officer who accidentally gets caught up in a political protest.

I love almost every Jack Matthews story. The ones I picked here are highly readable and yes, entertaining as hell to read.

In addition to this ebook, Personville Press will be releasing another story collection by Jack Matthews — probably a year or so later.

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