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RIP Ohio Author Jack Matthews (1925-2013): Book Collecting Enthusiast & Author of Philosophical Fiction

John Harold Matthews, Ohio fiction writer, essayist and book collector, died last week at the age of 88. He is survived by his wife Barbara, his  two daughters Barbiel and Cynthia and his son John. His writing spanned  six decades, … Continue reading

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Funeral information for Ohio Author Jack Matthews: Saturday December 7

The funeral service is to be December 7th, with a 12:00-2pm visitation, and 2pm service at Jager & Sons Funeral Home, Morris Ave., Athens, Ohio. After a minister speaks, there will be invitations to whomever wishes to get up to … Continue reading

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Announcing the Death of Jack Matthews, Ohio Author + The Lesson (A valedictory story)

Jack Matthews was a literary giant for this nation whose value and importance will only increase with time. He was also a constant source of joy and hilarity. His stories displayed a keen understanding of human motivations and a knack … Continue reading

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2010 Audio Interview Now Available

“Literature is the least pure of all the arts, and that is its richness and power. It’s a temporal art like a symphony; it has periodicities, it has rhythms —  prose itself has sound, it evokes visual imagery like painting….” … Continue reading

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Jack Matthews on Actors

Here’s some brief thoughts which Jack Matthews made about actors and the theatre: Since writing a book on Schopenhauer a few years ago, I often find myself thinking about the dark sentiments voiced by that old philosopher. My thoughts often … Continue reading

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New Jack Matthews Novel to be Published by Nine Point Publishing

It’s official. Nine Point Publishing has announced that it will be publishing Schopenhauer’s Will, a hybrid novel  based on the life and thoughts of Schopenhauer. Publication date is listed on the Nine Point Publishing website  in Fall 2014. In a … Continue reading

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March Sale: Interview with the Sphinx Audio Play and Ebook

Audio Play Description In this provocative & immensely irritating comic play, the Sphinx from ancient Greece is interviewed in modern times as though she were a celebrity pop star. The problem is she never answers any questions — never directly … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Soldier Boys: A Short Story Collection by Jack Matthews

87 year old Author Jack Matthews has published seven short story collections which have been reviewed favorably by New York Times Book Review, London Review of Books,  LA Times, Washington Book World and USA Today. In addition, Matthews has published … Continue reading

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Interview with the Sphinx–Update

Here is the outstanding cover art for the Jack Matthews play Interview with the Sphinx.  It is the image of the female Sphinx wearing dark glasses – as viewed in the sunglasses of the onlooker. This art by Barbiel Matthews-Saunders … Continue reading

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Hanger Stout Awake — a Study & Discussion Guide

Here’s a list of questions and discussion topics for the novella Hanger Stout, Awake!   This study guide is saved and being maintained in Google Docs and is available as a free download.  (In Google Docs, you also save it as … Continue reading

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