Why You Don't Need to Sign up for Paypal when using the shopping cart

You probably have noticed that shopping carts for many smaller online stores use paypal to process payments. What you may not realize that using paypal is optional and that you can still use a paypal shopping cart without needing to create a paypal account. In fact, you may discover that not signing onto paypal to pay is smoother and faster because it saves you one extra step. Paypal can process your payments without your needing to log into paypal.

Here are the steps for paying without registering or logging into paypal.

  1. Choose the Checkout with Paypal option
  2. You will be prompted to log in to paypal. Don't do it! Instead, Just click on "Don't have a paypal account?
  3. Now you see the final screen payment. You can ignore the "Pay with my paypal account" option at the top. Scroll to the bottom and press the submit button.

That's it. You will still receive a payment confirmation via paypal. Go back to the Jack Matthews author website .