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Some news. First,  I just posted the book page for Schopenhauer’s Will. It was published 2 weeks ago. I have a review copy and will be reviewing it soon.  It is only available in hardcover.

I’m still working on the Soldier Boys short story collection ebook.  I’m only finished — though official publication date will probably be in about a month or two. But certainly before September.

I noticed that the free ebook no longer seems to be free on Amazon. Now they are charging 99 cents for it. The web page for the free ebook will always contain a free link, so be sure to check that.  Three Times Time is a good mini-collection, but you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

In related news, Personville Press will start distributing ebooks through Smashwords. In addition to providing more promotional opportunities than might, it might be easier to publish free stuff there. Stay tuned!

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