New (old) audio, New (old) photos by Jack Matthews

I first got acquainted with author Jack Matthews by stumbling upon an audio interview he did with Don Swaim in 1984. Swaim used to run a literary interview show on CBS radio; later Swaim released the extended interviews with these authors to Ohio University for a WiredforBooks site. Unfortunately, the site was not well maintained (someone even forgot to pay the annual domain cost!), so the audio interviews have been offline for a longer-than-expected time.  Eventually the site will be fully restored, but in the meantime, I want to make available a copy of the audio files:

  • 1984 interview mp3. 25 minutes. Matthews talks about Hanger Stout Awake, book collecting, growing up in Ohio, teaching college students, Sassafras.
  • Jack Matthews and Don Swaim discuss the life and writings of Ambrose Bierce (in mp3 format). (Mirrored audio here).  recorded Oct. 9, 2001, WOUB, Athens, Ohio  46 minutes.
  • Note that the multimedia page of this site also has  other multimedia, including an audio interview I did in 2010.

Here are two historic images of Jack Matthews from the university archives

Update: Ouch! It looks as though Ohio University does not allow these images to be posted here, so I had to remove them. The link still works though (for now).

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