Interview with the Sphinx–Update

sphinx-cover-webHere is the outstanding cover art for the Jack Matthews play Interview with the Sphinx.  It is the image of the female Sphinx wearing dark glasses – as viewed in the sunglasses of the onlooker. This art by Barbiel Matthews-Saunders (Jack Matthews’ daughter) does a good job of capturing the paradoxical nature of this comic philosophical play.

In August, we recorded an audio version of this play starring two distinguished Houston actors. Jill Brumer played the role of Sphinx, while Neal Gage played the role of the Interviewer. Both were great.  The audio is still in post-production, but the audio play should be available at a moderate price in a few weeks. The ebook of the play should be available at about the same time in the usual places.  Here’s a photo I took during the production.  Sorry for the poor photo quality,  but the resemblance between the cover and Jill with her sunglasses was uncanny (er, except for the lion paws!) reduced-2-actors

In other news, I (Robert Nagle) will be going to Ohio to visit Mr. Matthews in two weeks.

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